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Global Performance Systems, Inc., is a dynamic small
business dedicated to helping people and organizations
optimize performance and achieve better results through
improved management. We specialize in the design and
deployment of integrated management systems based on
Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria and Approach.

Why Baldrige?
The Baldrige framework is increasingly seen as the global
standard for achieving performance excellence. As stated in
the Introduction to the Official Assessment Guidebook for the
2004 Japan Quality Award Program:
"The (Japan Quality) Program is modeled after the self-
assessment methods of the Malcolm Baldrige Award of the
United States, which is a globally recognized standard for
management innovation practiced in over 60 countries in
Asia, Europe, and other regions. It is one of the most
advanced management innovation programs incorporating
management theories with proven results worldwide."
We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

The GPS Difference
Discover the GPS difference. We are quicker, more focused,
and more passionate than our competitors. We have not
"discovered" Baldrige in the last six months--our principal
consultants have worked with the Baldrige framework since
the program's inception in 1987. We have no fat. You will
always deal with a decision maker. We have no junior staff,
no support staff, no bureaucracy. At all times, the person
working with you will be a senior person with the authority
and ability to act decisively on your behalf. We never lose
sight of the fact that our job is to achieve results for YOU.

Our Approach
Assess. Analyze. Act. We ASSESS your organization to
baseline your current performance levels. We ANALYZE
alternative courses of action based on your priorities and
capabilities. We ACT with you to implement powerful,
sustainable solutions that fit your systems and culture. Your
bottom line:
Eight Weeks to Performance Excellence™.

Global Reach
We are GLOBAL Performance Systems. We don't just talk
about "globalization"-- we embrace it! The open source
Baldrige system makes it easy for any organization in the
world to embark on the path to performance excellence. With
an extensive network of experienced consultants and
practitioners, we are able to deliver world-class performance
excellence solutions to clients across the globe.

Let's Get to Work!
Thank you for visiting us on the web. Now, be a winner--take
that first no-obligation step towards performance excellence.
Contact our President, Craig Anderson, at 240-938-7172, or
by email at
Baldrige-guided health care
organizations are reshaping an
industry. These organizations
are GOOD. And the most
exciting thing is that the rest are
studying, learning from, and
emulating the best. Health care
excellence is not a zero sum
game. The sector gets better
and we all benefit.
Click here to
learn more about four key
differentiators for health care
performance excellence.
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Global Insights
ISO 9000:2000 and
Baldrige Excellence:
Understanding the Gaps
"Although ISO 9000:2000
incorporates many of the
principles of the Baldrige Criteria,
it still is not a comprehensive
business framework as proposed
in the Baldrige Award Criteria..."  
Click here to learn more:
"A comparison of ISO 9000:2000
quality system standards,
QS9000, ISO/TS 16949, and
Baldrige Criteria."
China and Baldrige:
Partnering for Results
"The high percentage of (Chinese)
firms that are ISO 9000 certified, but
which still lack an understanding of
quality management...(indicates) that
holding ISO 9000 certification does
not have any significant relationship
with improvement of business results."
Click here to learn more about
why Baldrige Excellence is now
driving change in the world's
fastest growing major economy.
DC Metro Office:
Global Performance
Systems, Inc.
3280 Urbana Pike
Suite 105
Ijamsville, MD   21754
United States of America
Tel: (240) 938-7172

Jakarta Office:
Global Performance
Systems, Inc.
Jalan Lapangan Banteng
Selatan, P.O.Box 1329,
Jakarta 10710- Indonesia
Tel: (62-21) 3805555
Fax: (62-21) 3809595
Baldrige Excellence
Non-Profit Case Study
Is Baldrige Excellence worth the
effort for non-profit
organizations? "The results
speak for themselves!" is how
the 100,000-member American
Association of Critical Care
Nurses recently answered that
Click here to read an
inspiring case study of how
AACN is using Baldrige to
achieve world-class levels of
performance excellence.
54 Health Care
Organizations Go for
Baldrige Gold
Introducing Business Excellence 21:
Confidential Online Assessments
Is your organization ready to thrive in a world where
information, best practices, and capital crosses borders at
the speed of light? Find out from the people who know
your organization best: your employees, suppliers,
customers, and other key stakeholders. BE21 is a
confidential online assessment process that will get you
started on your journey to greatness.
Learn more here.
Your Baldrige Total Performance Excellence Partner,
Across the Street, or Across the Globe!
Jim Collins Praises the Baldrige Process:
(Author, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap)
"I see the Baldrige process as a powerful set of mechanisms for disciplined people
engaged in disciplined thought and taking disciplined action to create great
organizations that produce exceptional results."
The Pursuit of Public Sector
Performance Excellence:  
Fine Tuning Your Management
System Using the Baldrige
Framework for Long-Term Success
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