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Performance Excellence Process

Our mission is to drive rapid, systematic improvement into the client
organization. We use the proven, best of breed
Baldrige Performance
Excellence framework as a basis for our assessment. The Baldrige
framework has been literally field tested by thousands of organizations
around the world for the past fifteen years, and represents the most current
thinking about the elements that comprise organizational excellence.

We begin our engagement with a crisp assessment that includes a
combination of interviews, focus groups, online surveys of
employees and
customers, observations, data analysis, and other methods as required to
define the current performance baseline. We use technology as an enabler,
but never at the expense of professional analysis and judgment.

The assessment tells us where the organization is today. In the analysis
phase of our work we define the transformation process. Working with the
senior leadership team, we analyze alternative courses of action in light of
the organization's resources, capabilities, customer and business
requirements, etc., and decide the best way to achieve the desired results.
We will describe what needs to be done in very specific terms: timing,
actions, costs, accountabilities.

The critical value added process that distinguishes GPS from its competitors
is our ability to work collaboratively with the client to analyze the most
important outcomes of the assessment and develop a strategy that builds on
strengths, eliminates systematic barriers and problems, and achieves a
sustainable, measurable improvement in performance.

A key to our success in this phase is our use of our Smart Interventions©
methodology. Smart Interventions© accelerate the rate of improvement by
defining the specific actions needed to raise the performance bar in each
category in terms of individual roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities,
resources, timelines, technology, process changes, and customer impacts.
Smart Interventions© map out a clear path toward organizational excellence.

We understand budgets, timelines, priorities, resource constraints, etc., and
we make sure that our analysis focuses on achievable outcomes. We strike
the right balance between the passion and vision that drive great changes
and the systematic capacity that it takes to implement. Our goal is always the
same: to optimize the systematic performance and mission capacity of our
client organizations.

At this point we will have worked with you to figure out what has to be done to
achieve sustainable results. Now we will work with you to make sure that our
findings and recommendations are implemented in a way that makes sense
for you and achieves results of consequence. Our preference is that you will
take the lead on the implementation as this will build your organizational
agility and capacity. We will provide any level of desired support during this
phase, from strategy and advisement to management and hands-on
implementation. Your success is our success, and we will hold ourselves to
the same standards of performance excellence as we will ask of you.

Take the first, most important step toward achieving performance
excellence. Contact Craig A. Anderson at 240-506-6922, or via e-mail at for a confidential discussion of your requirements.
Performance Excellence Process
Baldrige Workshops
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