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We are a small company by design, because this is the business model that
works best for clients. Here are some of the powerful GPS advantages:

You will always deal with a decision maker. We have no junior staff, no support
staff, no bureaucracy. At all times, the person working with you will be a senior
person with the authority and ability to act decisively on your behalf.

Our fees represent meat, not overhead fat. We embrace the "cheap revolution"
that is transforming the American economy in our approach to our own business.
We reject in principle self-aggrandizing empires built on the backs of clients. We
are lean and mean in all aspects of our organization, which means fewer
distractions for you.

Our approach is driven by your needs, not ours. Our company exists largely
between the ears of our principals. We do not have huge investments in existing
products that we have to "sell" to you. If you want "off the shelf" solutions, don't
look here. You are unique, and you will receive a tailored intervention based on
your most important goals and objectives.

We care more than our competitors. GPS is owned and operated by its founding
owners, which frankly means that we care more than our competitors. We are not
cogs in someone else's machine. We need you as much as you need us. Our
goal is a collaborative, win-win effort every time out.

We will not disrupt your important ongoing work. Our work with you will have a
big impact, but only when it matters. We will achieve results without disrupting
your people and your operations.

We work with a small number of clients at any time. Once we commit to you, we
give you the attention and service you deserve. Our priorities are determined by
your requirements.

Discover the GPS size advantage. To learn more about how GPS is the best fit
for your organization, contact
Craig Anderson, 240-938-7172, or via e-mail at