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The Baldrige framework is increasingly seen as a global standard for defining
and achieving performance excellence. For example, a recent visit to the
corporate website of India's leading information technology firm, Infosys, found
the following discussion of the importance of the Baldrige framework to this
global provider of leading edge IT services:

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

At GPS we embrace the challenges and opportunities of bridging cultures and
boundaries with Baldrige Performance Excellence. Our multinational team
brings years of experience working in transitional societies around the world,
and we know how to help organizations build capacity and improve performance
in the face of challenging conditions. We don't "reinvent the wheel" at your
expense; instead, we focus on creating immediate value through proven
improvement methods.

Following are examples of how we have used systematic performance
management to create new levels of understanding and improvement in
international organizations.

Indonesian Supreme Audit Board (BPK)
Currently implementing Baldrige Performance Excellence system to improve
capacity and impact of Indonesia's supreme audit institution. Tasks include
developing a BPK Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan, conducting
employee and stakeholder focus groups, coaching executives, defining
customer and stakeholder requirements, and developing measurement
framework. The early success of this transformation project has resulted in
strong interest from other Indonesian public- and private-sector organizations in
the use of the Baldrige Criteria and Framework.

Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Conducted a business process reengineering effort at the Russian Ministry of
Agriculture and Food.  Tasks included defining requirements of industry groups
and stakeholders—producers, shippers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers—
and using this information to restructure the Ministry’s processes.  Consulted to
the management teams of newly-formed wholesale food markets in Rostov-on-
Don and Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkariya Republic.

Russian Federal Commission for the Securities Markets
Provided financial and operational management for a capital markets
infrastructure development project at the Russian Federal Commission for the
Securities Markets.  Tasks included recruiting, hiring, training and deploying
local national professional and administrative staff, defining and implementing
workplace policies and procedures, preparing and monitoring budgets, action
plans and status reports, and preparing formal project communications for
Russian and US government agencies.

Russian Far East Small Business Development
Directed a multi-year project aimed at promoting the development and growth of
a viable small business sector in the Russian Far East, a region suffering from
extreme economic and fiscal austerity.  Coordinated efforts of team of Peace
Corps Volunteers working with business enterprises in Vladivostok,
Khabarovsk, Ussuriisk, Artyom and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.  Designed and taught
seminars on total quality management, marketing, business planning and

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Chinese Coordination Team
Managed the proposal, application, allocation, and evaluation of $2 million
APEC SME fund. Led the Steering Committee for 2001 Shanghai APEC SME
Ministerial Meeting. Initiated and developed the cooperation project with
Canadian International Development Agency on SME Financing and Community
Development. Organized the 2000 Chongqing International Conference on SME
Financing and Community Development.

China-Vietnam Joint Ventures
In a team reporting directly to former Prime Minister Zhu Rongji, coordinated two
cooperation projects between China and Vietnam: the renovation of Thainguyen
steel plant and Bac Giang chemical plant. Coordinated the Executive
Development Project for executives of the state-owned enterprises, partnering
with Morgan Stanley.

Assistance and Refugee Relief Programs
Conducted comprehensive on-site assessments of assistance and refugee
relief programs in various African countries including Mozambique, Democratic
Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Ethiopia, Senegal, and Angola. Coordinated
efforts with US Federal government and private sector organizations and
provided recommendations to Federal policy makers and program
implementers regarding improvements in internal controls and program

Put our global experience and capabilities to work for your organization. To learn
more, contact Craig Anderson, at +1-240-9
38-7172 or via e-mail at
The Malcolm Baldrige framework covers all aspects of the
functioning of an organization. This framework provides a
composite picture of the entire company and helps us
compare our practices with world-class organizations.
Importantly, it helps us align all improvement initiatives in the
company. The Baldrige framework is one of the most widely
used performance improvement models in the world.