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Projects completed in the last five years by principals of GPS, Inc., for US
Federal government, health care, education, and commercial sector clients.

Regional Health Care System (Confidential)
We are currently providing executive coaching services for a regional health care
system to support the implementation of a Baldrige-based integrated
management system. We are using the Checkpoint 360 system from Profiles
International to define specific coaching focus points aimed at strengthening
leadership alignment and capability for 40-50 executives across three hospitals
and a network of medical practices, clinical centers, and long-term care
facilities. The organization is competing for the Baldrige National Quality Award
and sees leadership coaching as key strategic initiative.

US Department of Transportation
We are currently directing the design and implementation of a comprehensive
organizational improvement effort for a component of the National Highway
Transportation Safety Administration. Our team has conducted an assessment
against the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and is now working
with the leadership team to define implementation workstreams and priorities.
We have identified leadership integration, customer focus, and process
management as priority improvement targets.

Defense Leadership and Management Program
We are currently providing executive coaching services to support the
Department of Defense's Defense Leadership and Management Program
(DLAMP). This program is aimed at preparing high potential civilian
management employees for executive leadership positions. The coaching
methodology involves using data from the US Office of Personnel Management's
Leadership 360 assesssments for each candidate to tailor and implement
personal peak performance strategies. Goals and targets are defined for each
performance area laid out in the OPM Executive Core Qualifications framework.

Regional Health Care System (Confidential)
We conducted a comprehensive organizational assessment of a large regional
health care system against the
Baldrige Health Care Criteria for Performance
Excellence. We identified key business drivers, strengths, and opportunities for
improvement, and assessed the effectiveness of the clients core health care,
business, and support processes in terms of approach, deployment, and
alignment with customer and patient needs. Our work will be used as the basis
for a systematic organizational initiative to improve results in key areas.

FSIS Office of the Chief Information Officer
We conducted a Baldrige assessment and improvement project for the Office of
the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) at the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection
Service. We worked directly with the CIO to assess performance levels in each
Baldrige performance category, establishing a baseline for designing and
implementing systematic improvement efforts across the organization. We also
conducted a concurrent strategic assessment of human capital requirements
based on a detailed assessment of OCIO customer requirements.  .

US Subsidary of Japanese Electronics Manufacturer (Confidential)
We conducted an organizational effectiveness improvement effort for a $700
million US subsidiary of a Japanese manufacturer of electronics products. This
effort involves a comprehensive performance assessment against the world-
Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence and the specific
identification of deployable strengths and opportunities for improvement.  The
client intends to use the results of the assessment as the basis for implementing
systematic changes to achieve enhanced productivity and a stronger financial
and competitive position in the US market.

FAA Office of Civil Rights
We provided a range of support services including coaching and training
workshops on the Baldrige integrated management system to the management
employees of the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of the Administrator
for Civil Rights (ACR). ACR has adopted the world-class Baldrige Performance
Excellence framework as a foundation for its transformation effort, and Mr.
Anderson is working directly with the Administrator to design and deploy the
appropriate management systems and processes.

Peace Corps Office of Medical Services
We provided executive advisory services to the Deputy Director of the US
Peace Corps' Office of Medical Services (OMS) in the area of organizational
development and improvement. OMS is responsible for delivering high-quality
medical services to over 7,700 Volunteers working in 70 countries. We
assessed performance in each critical operational area, defined priorities and
strategies, and facilitated the creation of an operational excellence team to lead
the improvement effort. Our worked helped jump-start an initiative that prior to his
involvement had lain dormant since a highly visible intervention by another
consulting firm 12 months earlier.

CMS Office of Information Services
Developed a comprehensive strategic requirements analysis for the Office of
Information Services at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
The purpose of this analysis was to identify key business requirements for all
components of a 440-person information technology function to establish a
baseline for subsequent strategic human capital planning activities. A variety of
methods were used to determine requirements including interviews, focus
groups, customer analysis, survey analysis, etc., and presented results to the full
leadership team in a comprehensive report that recommended a number of
strategic and tactical actions. This analysis represented one of the first human
capital planning efforts in the Federal government that used the newly-developed
OPM IT workforce classification standards to describe functions and positions.

Office of National Drug Control Policy (2 Projects)
Conducted an organizational effectiveness audit of the Office of National Drug
Control Policy (ONDCP) in the Executive Office of the President. ONDCP is the
lead agency responsible for implementing the President's National Drug Control
Strategy. Our project team assessed ONDCP's capacity and performance in all
key mission areas, and presented findings and recommendations to the
ONDCP Director ("Drug Czar") and senior leadership team along with a
detailed improvement plan. Implementation is now underway.

Developed a strategic human capital plan for ONDCP. Facing an urgent,
Congressionally-mandated timeline, our project team conducted a current state
analysis using OPM’s Human Capital Assessment and Accountability
Framework (HCAAF), and developed recommendations for systematically
improving the design and deployment of ONDCP’s human capital management

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (3 Projects)
Evaluated the effectiveness of the organizational structure and operations of 17
district offices of the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) as part
of an organizational initiative to consolidate and streamline the regional office
structure. Our project team identified offices to be consolidated or closed, and
provided recommendations to improve performance in a number of core

Conducted a comprehensive organizational effectiveness audit for the Human
Resources Division (HRD) of the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.  
This audit used a series of interviews, focus groups, customer surveys,
employee surveys, and documentation reviews to determine HRD’s
effectiveness in each key performance area.  The client used our findings and
recommendations as a basis for a major organizational improvement effort.

Conducted an organizational effectiveness audit of the Office of Administration
of the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).  FSIS is in the midst
of a transformation in its approach to food safety inspection and wants to
improve the robustness and flexibility of its infrastructure and support offices.  
This audit involved a combination of data collection and analysis activities
including online surveys, interviews, focus groups, and process mapping.

Maryland Center for Quality and Productivity
Served as Team Leader for the Maryland state-level Baldrige performance
excellence award program from 1998 through 2002. Led assessment team for
Bushy Park Elementary School, the first Maryland top level award winner ever in
the Education sector.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Developed strategic workforce plan for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administration (SAMHSA). The Department of Health and Human
Services cited this work as a model for all HHS operating divisions and
agencies.  Major project tasks included scenario planning, competency surveys
and analysis, best practices identification, work process analysis, and
demographic analysis.  Final report recommended significant organizational and
process changes to position agency to meet future challenges.

VA Office of Human Resource Management
Developed recommendations for integrating workforce planning goals and
objectives into a cross-cutting strategic plan for the Office of Human Resource
Management at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our project team provided
strategic consulting services to the executive  committee charged with
establishing and directing a comprehensive agency-wide workforce planning

US Fish and Wildlife Service
Conducted a resource requirements analysis for the Federal Aid Division of the
US Fish and Wildlife Service.   Facing a strict Congressionally-imposed
deadline, our project team defined core processes, competencies, and key
internal and external drivers, conducted comprehensive surveys of customers
and employees, and assessed organizational effectiveness in critical
performance areas.  Our analysis was used as the basis for determining staffing
and budgeting for seven regional offices.

Federal Aviation Administration
Conducted a comprehensive best practices analysis of executive succession
management and development and used this information to improve the internal
succession management process at the Federal Aviation Administration.  Key
tasks include identifying suitable peer organizations, developing and
implementing data collection methodology, conducting supplemental research,
and presenting results in usable format to FAA senior leadership team.

Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company (Confidential)
Conducted an internal business process redesign effort for a publicly traded bio-
pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and research company.  Key tasks
included defining key work processes, measuring process variation and
performance, determining customer requirements and identifying and pilot
testing process enhancements.  This project resulted in a major refocusing of the
core project workflow.

US General Services Administration
Designed and delivered a customer service training program for over 3,000
employees of the General Services Administration's Federal Supply Service.  
Tasks included direct teaching of customer service techniques to executive,
managers, supervisors and front-line staff at locations around the country.  GSA
is one of the leaders in the reinvention movement in the federal workplace, and
this program was the centerpiece of an effort to build a customer-focused culture
in FSS, the largest of GSA’s four operating divisions.

Health Care Financing Administration
Conducted a customer service improvement project aimed at improving the
Health Care Financing Administration’s capacity to provide information and
support to over 39 million Medicare beneficiaries.  Duties included a current
state analysis, benchmarking and best practices identification, strategic
planning and the development of a detailed implementation plan.  As a result of
the project, Medicare recipients now have increased options for receiving
Medicare information, and beneficiary feedback and views are used more often
to tailor new initiatives.

US Immigration and Naturalization Service
Delivered change management consulting services to support the
implementation of an integrated financial management system at the
Immigration and Naturalization Service. Focus areas included (1) developing a
communications infrastructure and plan, (2) developing strategies for eliminating
barriers to project implementation, and (3) designing and delivering change
management workshops for INS managers and staff.

US General Accounting Office (Multiple Projects)
Assisted in the implementation of an agency-wide quality improvement initiative
at the US General Accounting Office.  Gained deep knowledge of work of
Deming, Juran, Ishikawa and other leaders of the quality management
movement.  Conducted onsite benchmarking of quality systems and processes
at 18 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award finalist companies. Trained and
facilitated cross-functional process improvement teams.  

Analyzed the effectiveness of US government international trade and defense
programs.  Significant engagements included evaluating (1) the enforcement of
the 1985 US-Japan Semiconductor Agreement, (2) the sale of advanced
aviation technology to Japan, (3) the effectiveness of the US Government’s trade
policy-making apparatus, (4) the effectiveness of aerial anti-drug interdiction
efforts along the southwestern US border.

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