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Preparing Leaders for Performance Excellence
Our commitment and vision at GPS, Inc. is to help clients optimize performance at
the organizational and personal level. To this end, we provide tailored executive
coaching services that are geared to help you optimize your personal performance,
and thus strengthen your capacity to lead your organizations to new levels of
performance and sustainability.

Executive coaching is not for everyone. To ensure success, our executive coaches
will seek to develop a close, voluntary, and confidential relationship with each client.
Involvement of third parties on both sides will be minimal. Our coaches will use a
systematic framework to identify key strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for
improvement based on your personal and organizational requirements, and we will
work with you on achieving meaningful outcomes. Our coaching is based on a
philosophy of avoiding "touchy feely" types of analyses and interventions; we focus
instead of surfacing and implementing pragmatic action steps to eliminate gaps
between your vision and your actions.

Consistent with our company's commitment to providing maximum value to all
clients, we will ensure that any coach you work with will have signficant industry
experience, and will have the savvy and perspective to work with you at a
peer-to-peer professional level. You will never be matched with a coach who is not
prepared to contribute directly and powerfully to your personal growth.

A Proven Method for Achieving Results
In most cases, our executive coaches will utilize the Baldrige Performance
Excellence criteria and framework as a starting point for our work with you. This is
the same world-class framework we use for our corporate and Federal
organizational clients, and is designed to ensure that all factors that shape your
personal effectiveness will be addressed. We also have deep experience in working
with proprietary performance excellence frameworks (e.g., the US Office of
Personnel Management's Executive Core Qualifications) and if necessary will work
with an alternative framework.

Our core Baldrige Performance Excellence framework is designed to achieve
breakthrough performance and results through an integrated process of assessment,
analysis, and action in critical categories. We focus on your role within the systems
that you are part of, and we use dialogue as a powerful driver of change.

Category 1: Leadership
As with an organization, what are the goals and values you project to others? Are
these consistent with the goals and values you hold personally? What is the
constancy of purpose you are looking to achieve? How would you measure and
improve your leadeship effectiveness?

Category 2: Strategic Planning
How proactive are we in aligning your daily actions with your longer term strategies?
How do you ensure you stay on track? How well do you respond when you
experience results different from what you had expected?  

Category 3: Customer Focus
Who are the "customers" you serve every day? How much do you know about their
requirements?  How do you collect and analyze feedback on how well you are doing
to meet those requirements? How do you smoke out unstated requirements and
expectations among those you serve? What are some ways to delight customers
that you have not yet imagined?

Category 4: Information and Knowledge Management
How do use information in your life? What information sources do you rely on? Do
you collect too much infomation? Too little? How relevant is the information to the
most imporant elements of your vision and long-term strategy? What is your plan for
building knowledge in key areas? How do you share your knowledge for the benefit
of others and to achieve optimization at the system level?

Category 5: Workforce Focus
You see your own "workforce" every time you look in the mirror. Is this "workforce"
equipped with the skills, structure, and capacity to achieve your personal and
organizational missions? How about the other other employees with whom you
work? Do you have the right team to achieve success? What is your vision and
process to build the capacity of this team? How effectively do you use your skills to
improve the capabilities of the whole team?

Category 6: Process Focus
You achieve results through working with others on common processes? What are
the most important processes you perform every day? How effective are these
processes? How do you know? What are the most important support processes that
enable you to serve your external customers? How effective is this support? How do
you measure effectiveness? What is your plan for improving the performance of your
key processes?

The benefits of the GPS, Inc., approach to executive coaching is clear: No fluff, just a
passion and system for improving performance in all the areas that matter most to
you, your organization, your customers, and your mission. To take the next step
toward achieving personal performance excellence, please contact our President,
Craig Anderson, at 240-506-6922, or send us an email,