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About Global Performance Systems, Inc.

Global Performance Systems, Inc., is a Maryland corporation headquartered in
Rockville, Maryland. We opened for business in September 2003 and have worked
tirelessly since then to establish ourselves as the premier provider of innovative
performance management systems based on the world-class
Baldrige Criteria for
Performance Excellence.

Our Vision
Global Performance Systems, Inc. will empower GLOBAL clients to achieve
breakthrough improvements in PERFORMANCE through the design and deployment
of world-class management SYSTEMS.

Our Values
The value that we deliver to our clients is only made possible by our own commitment
to a set of values that drives our daily work. These values include a profound belief in
the American free enterprise system, a passionate commitment to hard work and
persistence, and an unceasing, uncompromising desire to make a real difference for
our clients. We are always searching for ways to serve our clients faster, better, and
more efficiently. We love our work, and we love the unbounded freedom that comes
from being masters of our own destiny. We respect convention and tradition, but we
are most comfortable when we are thinking and achieving beyond conventional
limitations and boundaries. We have a soaring admiration for the genius and
courage that went into building our country, and we are determined to reflect these
attributes in the way we do our work every day.