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Our First Year Ends with a Bang
(and some Sweet Memories)
by Craig A. Anderson
Article from Global Insights
October 2004

It has been quite a month for the GPS team.

First, we had the pleasure of celebrating our first birthday as a company. And what a
year it has been! Forget the long hours--that's to be expected. What matters the most
are the people we have met who will be forever an essential part of the fabric of our
organization. When we started our company as a bootstrap operation, we knew that
everything would depend on our relationships with others: partners, customers,
friends, family. There is no way you can throw your heart into something and not care
deeply about all the people who interact with your dream. We are humbled and
amazed by the incredible talent, energy, and dedication of the people we have met
during this past year, and we are busting down the door going after the next year.

Second, we received the best present we could have received on September 23,
when the Senate passed, by unanimous consent, H.R. 3389, the bill that establishes
a not-for-profit category (including government at all levels) for the Malcolm Baldrige
National Quality Award. The bill, which is now headed to the President to be signed
into law, represents the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of people bound by a
common vision of Baldrige Excellence. We have advocated for bringing Baldrige
into the Federal Government for a long time (for example, see our 1999 article, The
Baldrige Award and the Federal Government: Partners in Performance Excellence, and we are eager to work with visionary
organizations to make this happen in the years ahead. In fact, we have a vision that
one of our clients will be the first Federal organization to win the national Baldrige
Award. Why not! Somebody has to be first, and we like to think big at GPS. Any
takers among our valued readership?

Finally, on a personal note, I would like to express my joy that Washington, DC, will
again have a major league baseball team beginning in 2005. The memory of walking
into the concourse at RFK Stadium and seeing the emerald green field the first time
my Dad took me to a Senators game remains as vivid as if it were yesterday. It is
hard to believe that an entire generation of kids grew up in the Nation's Capital
without having similar summertime pleasures.