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BE21: Virtual Business Excellence Model
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Stop wasting time and money on external consultants who will never understand
your organization better than you and your employees already do. Focus, instead,
on tapping your own knowledge in a structured and systematic way and find your
own solutions, building commitment every step of the way.

Based on the world-class Baldrige Total Performance Excellence System,
Business Excellence 21 is a facilitated online assessment process that will
collect confidential data from your employees and provide rapid feedback on your
most important strengths and opportunities for improvement, giving you a sound
framework for your pursuit of performance excellence.  

To learn more about BE21 and to gain access to the online assessment system,
please enter your email above along with a brief description of your organization.
We sincerely congratulate you on your commitment to improvement, and we look
forward to showing you how BE21 can help you achieve your vision.

It is clear that only the fittest, most adaptable organizations will thrive in a world
where information, best practices, and capital crosses borders at the speed of
light. The single most important thing you can do to ensure your survival is to
optimize the quality and performance of your management systems. Like the
operating system of a computer, your management operating system determines
how effectively you set goals, develop and implement strategies, satisfy
customers, manage information, grow your workforce, and improve your work
systems. Is your management system up to the challenge?
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